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About Me

The Journey To Myself

Long-term sobriety has gifted me with personal knowledge of the path of recovery and the wealth of tools available.

I appreciate that each person is unique and must find their own way to their true self and to self-love –

my role is to guide, reflect, motivate and empower you to be the best you can be in this moment.

Few enter sobriety gracefully so having an ally and a coach on your team can make the world of difference.


My personal recovery from 25 years of alcohol and drug addiction has consisted of many modalities

including rehab treatment in 2004 where I was first introduced to Yoga. 

AA & The 12 Steps really shaped my world in tandem with sacred medicine ceremonies, 

Family Constellations, EMDR, 5Rhythms, Meditation, Microdosing,

Gabor Mate Aya Addiction Retreats, Tommy Rosen’s Recovery 2.0 and Amma, the Hugging Mother.

Yoga, meditation, dance, breath work, exercise and diet have been foundational for my personal healing.

 When I achieved sobriety at the age of 39, it was a daunting task to wake up each day to a world that was unfamiliar and frightening. I reached out for help and was blessed with amazing mentors and teachers

on my road of recovery which led to my emotional well-being. 

Extreme anxiety shaped my world as a result of infant trauma.

Yoga and embodied practices have been instrumental in calming my system and rewiring my brain - 

now I respond rather than react.  Trauma comes in many forms and is held cellularly in our nervous system.  

I trained myself to sit in the fires of emotional discomfort, to feel my feelings and to learn

that I was able to survive and then I could begin to thrive. 

This is where the magic is! 


Transformational Recovery and Integration Coach - Being True To You 2018

Yoga Alliance Teacher Training 200 hr - Yandara, Baja Mexico 2104

Y12SR (Yoga of 12 Step Recovery - Nikki Myers 2015 

"What we think, we become"


Kaslo, BC - a classic Canadian photo com


My goal is to offer support with recovery, anxiety,

stress reduction, body image issues,

self-love and body awareness

with transformational coaching, embodied practices,

conscious conversations, respect and kindness. 

The world can be intimidating -

together we can find a safe place to land.

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