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Yoga To Calm The Mind 

Yoga has been a huge lifeline of sanity for me - it is SO much more than stretching out our limbs.

It helps calm our nervous system, allows us to have awareness of our body and our breath,

brings us in to a state of presence and can be fun, YES FUN.

I go with the flow of what shows up -

hatha, chanting, breathwork and a little bit of Kundalini to tap in to our life force

at a gentle pace that can be surprisingly profound.

Mindfully moving with low impact improves flexibility and reduces stress,

emphasizing peace and calm in body, spirit and mind.

When we embody this practice, there is an opportunity to fully sink in to the posture and naturally unwind.

Each time we come to the mat we open to a new experience of ourselves and

we access strength in the attunement that arises from being mindful. 

Presence is connection - so let’s tune in, turn on and tap into this precious moment. 

Change your state of being.

Yoga gifts us the opportunity to attune to our own unique needs and

allows tension to fall away as our mobility increases. 

So come love your body and stretch out your limbs with kindness - and have some fun. 

Yoga is all of this and so much more.

Get in touch and together we will create a practice personalized to You!

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