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One of the biggest choices you will ever make or not make in your lifetime 

is the choice to “detach” yourself from the life pattering that you know, to find who you truly are.

Who am I?

And within this question,

"How can I take up space in this world,

with the deep knowing that I belong and deserve to be living from the voice of my heart?"

It’s time to reclaim your power, by connecting to your subtle senses,

self awareness, personal purpose, and selfless service.

It is time for you to join us here at Los Naranjos Eco-Retreat in Yelapa, MX, for 7 days,

a place that will energetically support you

in the death and rebirthing process into “The Becoming”.

This all-inclusive eco-retreat has been curated to support you

in self inquiry for personal transformation.

I am delighted to offer transformational coaching workshops in this magical place.

The alchemy that arises in the jungle ignites the fire of truth to become who we truly are. 

This retreat is perfect for anybody who wants to uplevel their current physical, emotional, mental, behavioral and spiritual blueprint, where energetic experiences, yoga philosophy, recovery coaching and unique geographical location will enhance your personal process.



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